Created in 2003, The International Humanitarian City (IHC) was designed to be the hub for collaborations between humanitarian aid and the commercial businesses organizations that would play a vital role with support. Placing such entities in close proximity to one another makes partnerships and collaborations between mutually beneficial organizations a lot easier. IHC or the International Humanitarian City Free Zone is the world’s largest hub for humanitarian aid with over 50 not-for-profit organizations and about 600 UN workforce.

Started by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the IHC is a self-governing authority that is run with the professional help of the Government of Dubai making company formation in the International Humanitarian City Free Zone more than just a humanitarian hub for knowledge sharing.

The facilities from IHC:

With Dubai already known as a logistics and transport center its modern infrastructure is available to support both humanitarian aid logistics and requirements that aid organizations’ administrations need – access to international logistics systems and support service companies is a lot easier.

The International Humanitarian City Free Zone was setup in partnership between the Dubai Aid City and the Dubai Humanitarian City. The most important aspect of the International Humanitarian City Free Zone is it being a non-political/non-religious society with a diverse range of services that are specialized and efficient.

Presently, this free zone accommodates American Refugee Committee, Care Foundation, Gulf for Food, Operation Give and Grow, Department of International Development, and other humanitarian firms.

Why business formation in International Humanitarian City Free Zone? 

  • International and local humanitarian not-for-profits and commercial supplier’s community, business partners, suppliers and procurers have access to multi-functional logistics corridor that is fully integrated
  • Competitive facilities – Office, Warehousing, Conference centres
  • Value-added services that are reliably comprehensive
  • Opportunities for networking and increased visibility and
  • A platform for humanitarian information and knowledge sharing
  • A functional environment that is socially responsible
  • Job seekers, volunteers etc. get facilitated access

Free zone benefits: 100% on all

  • Foreign ownership
  • Capital and profits repatriation
  • Free funds transfer
  • Import and export duties exemption

What makes IHC a ‘strategic location’?

  • Seaport and airport infrastructure are in excellent standards
  • Governmental support political stability and economic momentum of Dubai
  • Stable local currency
  • East, West, North and South crossroad between
  • Rapid disaster response: major crisis-prone areas are only 7 hours away
  • Sea-to-air logistics 10 minute response
  • Fee structures are competitive
  • Living environment – beautiful and multicultural

Commercial Business Registration in International Humanitarian City

Commercial Businesses operating in IHC are limited to activities that support the UN, NGO, NPO and other humanitarian efforts or charitable organizations that are recognized.

Allowed commercial activities include:

  • Aid related goods manufacturers and suppliers e.g.: food items, shelters; medical equipment, and vehicles
    • Service providers of consulting, maintenance, and security for aid organizations

Types of commercial businesses IHC allows

  • a branch of an existing company, or
  • a new commercial company (FZ-LLC)

The International Humanitarian City Free Zone is a pioneer in this endeavor and the services available here have facilitated a myriad of different operations.

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