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Sharjah is one of the most thriving Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. It is absolutely unbelievable to see the amount of success that Sharjah has achieved and SHAMS Media City is one of these great achievements that Sharjah has unlocked. It is a great opportunity for every person who is looking for a helping hand that can help them in setting up a business. SHAMS has taken the responsibility to give an opportunity to everyone who wishes to set up a business of their own. It focuses on providing special services for the people who want to establish their name in the media industry. The purpose is to start an initiative that can help all those who are struggling with their business. It aims to provide endless opportunities for people with endless talent and creativity.

Features of Setting up a Company in Sharjah Media City Freezone (SHAMS)

  • Affordable Incorporation Fee
    It gives you the chance to setup your business in a price that starts from Dhs.11,500. The purpose of keeping this price is to keep it affordable for people who are currently struggling with their business.
  • Incorporation without Presence
    You have the opportunity to start your company from any part of the world. You don’t need to be present in the UAE at the time of incorporation. This makes gives you the power to control your business from any part of the world.
  • 100% Ownership in Company
    You will have the authority to own a 100 percent foreign ownership in SHAMS
  • 100% Free Transfer of Funds
    You don’t have to worry about the extra charges on the transfer of funds. SHAMS ensures you 100 percent free transfer of all the funds that you make
  • 0% Import or Re-Export Duties
    By establishing a business in SHAMS Media City you can forget about all the import and export duties. It ensures you 100 percent free exemption from all these duties. You only have to worry about growing y our business.
  • Fast Incorporation Process
    It makes all the paper work easy for you as it promises to issue all the documentation in a period of 2 days maximum.
  • Hassel Free Recruitment Process
    It offers you the most inexpensive ways to work by providing the best and easy methods for the recruitment process. It also ensures reasonable workforce.
  • Multiple Activity and Multiple Visa
    You will have the access to a wide variety of activities that will cover trading, services and industrial licenses that too with multiple visa
    Types of License Offering in SHAMS
    SHAMS offers a license that will allow people to establish their companies. This will give them the authority to function and work in SHAMS. It is of the following different types:
    1. Trading License: This license allows its holders to trade goods. This means they will be allowed to sell goods in the form of exportation. They will also be allowed be allowed to work within SHAMS by selling and movement of goods, retail sale of items and the facilities required along with the sale of these goods. The final steps in the delivery of goods include retailing and wholesaling.
    2. Service License: this license will give the opportunity of the distribution, transformation, re-production and production of services. With the help of this license people will have the authority to render services and utilizing goods.
    3. Industrial License: this license focuses on the manufacturing, production , re- production of goods.
    Documents Required For Business Setup in SHAMS
    1. Passport Copy : It requires the copies of the passports of the shareholders with colored prints along with the page that shows your visa on it. Or you can also provide the last stamp that denotes your entry in UAE
    2. Application Form : It requires a completely filled application form.
    3. Application form from the authorized signatory.
    Company Formation Fees in Sharjah Media City (SHAMS)
    Company Formation Fees in Sharjah Media City (SHAMS)
    Immigration Card Fees : Immigration Card fee is Dhs. 1500 for 3 year
    Visa Fees :Visa cost is charged extra Dhs. 3500 per visa valid for 3 years excluding medical and emirates id fee
    Visa allocation Fees : Additional allocation of visas will be Dhs. 1600 per visas
    NEX Consultants will work with you to handle your business setup in Sharjah Media City from start to finish. We give strategic inputs, help you evaluate and select the offshore jurisdiction work with you on your business plan, handle paperwork and documentation formalities. Our scope of works and offers involves;
    • Taking the activity and trade name approval from SHAMS Freezone
    • Drafting and vetting of legal documents
    • Handling and execution of documents
    • Liaison with the Sharjah Media City Freezone
    • Making payment and obtaining the legal documents
    • Introduction of bankers for opening multi-currency bank account in Dubai
    • Applying for establishment card in SHAMS
    • Applying for investor and employment visa in SHAMS
    • Assisting for medical and emirates ID procedures
    • Submitting for visa stamping in SHAMS
    • Collection and delivery of stamped passport
    In short, we Nex Consultants handle everything you need. We handle the entire process for you, so you’re free to concentrate on the bigger picture – your business.
    Contact us for business incorporation in SHAMS Freezone : 00971509330152

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