EU – Cyprus citizenship

You may obtain EU citizenship by investing upon the services offered by the Republic Of Cyprus. We at Cyprus can facilitate the process of acquiring passports for investors and all family members within only 6 months. Apart from the applicant and his/her spouse, all their children below the age of 28 are also eligible for obtaining citizenship together. In fact, the applicant’s parents are also eligible for getting their citizenship (provided they must purchase and maintain a residence of at least €500,000).

  • Live and work in the EU without any restrictions
  • Free access to educational and healthcare institutions in Europe
  • Visa-free travel in over 125 countries globally
  • Family entitled to social, retirement and educational benefits in Europe
  • Easy access and From European banks
  • Benefit from diplomatic protection of EU/Cypriot embassies globally

How can we make it happen?

  1. We help you choose investment and draft your applications (Day O)
  2. We submit the passport and permanent residence applications (Day 1)
  3. The permanent residency application is approved; client’s attendance is necessary for biometric data and collecting PR Card (Day 5)
  4. Citizenship application is approved within 3 months from the application date (Day 90)
  5. Passports can be collected within 6 months from day 5 (Day 185)

Investment Criteria for Passport

Choose one of the investment options offering passports for investor and their family members (including their parents application), inherited without costs over generations. Investment must be retained for 3 years (except the permanent residence which must be maintained at all times).

Option 1 | Investment in real estate / land development / infrastructure projects:

Option 2 | Purchase / establishment / participation in

Cyprus companies / businesses:

  • Actual participation in companies or organisations incorporated and operating in Cyprus for at least €2.0m
  • Funds shall be used to finance the operations of the company in question

Option 3 | Investment in Alternative Investment Funds /

financial assets of Cyprus companies / Cyprus organisations

licensed by CySec:

  • Purchase of units of at least from Cyprus alternative investment funds (AIF’s), licensed and supervised by CySec
  • Such investments must be made exclusively in Cyprus

Option 4 | Combination of the aforementioned investments /

investment in government bonds

  • The total investment must be at least amount to €2.0m
  • Special government bonds Oi the Republic Of Cyprus up to €300,000 are eligible under this category provided that the investor retains the same for a period of 3 years.

Cyprus Profile

  • Located in crossroads of three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa)
  • Residence of preference for high net worth individuals and companies
  • More than 45 awarded beaches and340 days of sunshine per year
  • One of the lowest corporate tax rates (12.5%) and double tax treaties with >45 countries
  • Attractive trusts, funds and shipping jurisdiction
  • Renowned holiday island with the lowest crime rate

Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated professionals providing highly personalized services of outstanding quality on citizenship issues always in compliance with the relevant authorities. Our services include in-depth examination of specific circumstances of the applicants to establish the required financial criteria, run pre-clearance check with the responsible Ministries, identity – through our associates – suitable property investments with the highest possible return on drafting/filing of all required documents, opening of bank accounts. We extend our services in on-going monitoring of the application, accompanying the clients to all relevant authorities and continuous follow-up with the government.