How To Become Tax Resident In Dubai-UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the prime location in the world for business and residence. UAE is well known due to low tax policies, high standards of living , world class infrastructure & entrepreneurial friendly atmosphere .

UAE’s tax free policies, highly advanced technology, political stability, better standards of living attracts the investors to invest and obtain residency in Dubai , UAE.

Procedures For Obtaining Tax Residency In Dubai – UAE

Tax resident status in Dubai – UAE can be obtain by three ways. Following are the procedures and process to get tax residence or residence visa in Dubai – UAE

1. Through Registering a Company in UAE

Registering a free zone company or a mainland company in UAE is the fastest and advisable way to get residence visa in UAE. Through setting up of company in Dubai /UAE, the investor / owner / shareholder can obtain investor or employment visa in Dubai , UAE

2. Through owning a property / investing in freehold property in Dubai / UAE

By investing in Dubai freehold properties is another way to get residence in UAE. Dubai offers property visa / investor visa by investing in freehold properties under name of individuals. AED 1 million is the minimum investment criteria eligibility to get the residence visa/ property visa in Dubai

3. Through Employment/ Employment Contract.

Residence visa in UAE can be obtain by getting an employment in UAE based companies. In this case the company will issue the employment visa to the employees and he/she can become the resident in Dubai / UAE.

Benefits Of Obtaining Residency Visa In Dubai . UAE

  • No income tax
  • UAE residents can obtain Tax Residence Certificate
  • Higher standards of living
  • World class infrastructure
  • Highly secure environment
  • More business opportunities

The applicant of Tax Residency in Dubai / UAE have to be stay minimum or more than 180 days in UAE . By obtaining tax resident in UAE, the investors / applicants get benefit on double taxation treaties and can explore the business/ career opportunities in Dubai / UAE . Tax Residents can be apply Tax Residency Certificate in Dubai/ UAE to get benefits of of Double Taxation Treaty .

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