RAKICC or RAK offshore is one of the common offshore jurisdiction in UAE . RAK IBS are attractive due to the features of 100% ownership & tax benefits.

Through registered agents only can register the offshore companies in UAE. In this scenario registered agents of offshore companies in Dubai playing a vital role in company formation of RAK offshore companies . Identifying a right , reliable registered agents and company formation consultants in UAE is a great task .

Identifying the right RAK offshore business setup agents and consultants makes you hassle free business operations . If the business owners and investors are not satisfy with the services providing by the current offshore company registered agents , business owners / investors have the right to change the registered agents .

Reasons for change of an offshore company registered agent in Dubai , UAE

1. Lack of compliance knowledge

2. Lack of proper communication

3. Poor client relationships

4. Higher maintenance fees

5. Lack of renewal services and updates

Procedures for change of registered for RAK offshore company .

1. Obtaining the NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from the existing agent.

2. Drafting the Board/ Shareholder Resolution

3. Drafting of addendum of MOA/AOA

4. Preparing the application forms for change of agent and registered address

5. Uploading the documents in RAKICC portal

6. Submitting the original documents in RAKICC authority

7. Obtaining the change of registered agent and address documents from RAK offshore authorities

Documents required for change of RAK offshore company registered agent.

1. Original NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from existing agent

2. Original MOA/ AOA ( Agent Copy)

3. Copy of certificate of Incorporation

4. Copy of latest good standing certificate

5. Copy of passport of shareholder/directors /secretary

6. Copy of utility bill of shareholders/ directors/ secretary

7. Copy of Emirates ID & UAE visa page of shareholders / directors / secretary ( only applicable for UAE residents )

8. Original board of resolution

9. Profiles of the shareholders/ directors/ secretary

How Nex Consultants can assist you for changing of registered agent in RAK offshore company

We can guide you on entire procedures and process of change of registered agent of your offshore company in UAE . Nex consultants can prepare the documentation and liaison with the RAK offshore company authorities ( RAKICC). Thorough our RAKICC registered agent company , we are offering the affordable and excellent service to our clients.

For all offshore companies incorporation and change of registered agent your requirements , talk to our business setup consultants today .