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How to Setup a Company in Abu Dhabi

Starting your business in Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly the perfect way to give wings to your dream of setting up and growing your business into a multi-national company one day. Abu Dhabi, the largest Emirate and capital of UAE is one of the rapidly growing and wealthy market in the world that is expanding its economy from oil to real estate, retail, industrial development, and tourism.

With its perfect location and innumerable investment opportunities, Abu Dhabi has emerged as a wonderful venture in recent years and has compelled the ambitious entrepreneurs to choose Abu Dhabi as the most viable destination for their business goals.

The process of establishing a company in Abu Dhabi nearly takes one week to complete once all the legal procedures and formalities are sorted successfully. If you’re planning to setup your company in Abu Dhabi, here’s how you’re going to get started.

  1. Choose Your Business Activity

Establishing a company in Abu Dhabi requires you to have an authorized business license first. Your business license can be determined by your business type. Therefore, make sure you determine your business type so that you can acquire the desired business license to setup your first company in Abu Dhabi.

You may approach a professional business setup consultant in Abu Dhabi who can help in choosing the best activity for your business.

  1. Choose Your Trade Name Wisely

Choosing a name for your company requires you to adhere to the UAE’s strict naming conventions. The trade name or your company’s name should be meaningful and must relate to your business. However, if you’re opening a sister company in Abu Dhabi, there are certain regulatory laws that you need to follow. If you choose to name your company after a person, you must ensure that the person is the owner or partner of the company. You must use their full name and no initials or abbreviations.

  1. Fix Your Minimum Share Capital

The Memorandum of Association of your proposed company determines the minimum share capital. In most cases, business owners need not pay the minimum capital when setting up a company.

  1. Choose and Secure Your Location

Once you’ve settled all the legal formalities, you can search for your business location based on your budget, size, accessibility and other concerns. For gaining complete ownership of your company, make sure you obtain your business license and location in any of the UAE free zones. There is a total of 45 UAE free zones, each with its own rules and regulations. Some of the free zones require you to produce additional documents such as your business plan or Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) that permit you to setup a company in UAE.

  1. Obtain Visa for Employees and Investors

Before your company registration is approved, you need to apply for obtaining a visa for yourself as well as your employees and investors. It is always wise to approach an experienced business setup consultant in Abu Dhabi for expert advice.

  1. Hire Local Agents

Hiring a local agent, sponsor or partner is the best way to you get your business license approved easily. Moreover, getting help from the natives can help you expand your business in UAE free zones.

How Long Does It Take to Setup a Company in Abu Dhabi?

The complete company setup in UAE free zones takes around 3-10 days, whereas an offshore company can be formed within 48 hours.

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