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Nowadays, creating a brand identity has become mandatory to create an exclusive company profile. Promotional items such as logos, brochures, newsletters, catalogs, flyers are a few important medium that serve the best part in making an indirect connection with your customers. These marketing items have exceptional ability to develop a strong impact in the minds of your prospective clients. At NEX, we prefer to create a strong, distinct brand identity that generate an impact hard to forget.

NEX, as one of the best branding companies in Dubai, we are well aware of what’s been happening in the global market. Your brand is always considered as the most valuable corporate asset as well as a marketing tool for success, so we are here to provide a careful consideration to various cultures in case you want to conquer the world through the use of the internet.

NEX has developed a methodical process to defining the foundation for any brand strategy; Brand Promise. We deconstruct or ‘unpack’ the brand and strip it back to basics before rebuilding it, step-by-step, to ensure a new, differentiated value proposition is built on brand truths, which the business is confident it can deliver continuously. This builds internal consensus and ensures that if re-naming or rebranding is required, it will underpin the overall value proposition and takes into account any need for regional or sector ‘tuning’.

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