People and Processes are the two key factors that drive any organization. Nex Organizational Consultants, help our clients overcome challenges related to these factors, and offer bespoke consulting services in the
following areas:

  • Co-creation of Mission & Vision
  • Designing Organizational Structure and Hierarchy
  • Developing Delegation of Authority Matrix
  • Preparation of Corporate Governance Manuals
  • Preparation of Internal Policy Documents and Manuals
  • Defining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Workflows
  • Developing Job Description, KRAs, KPIs and Performance Management
  • Developing methods for employee productivity enhancement
  • Providing behavioral and functional training

We work with our clients to understand the uniqueness of each client’s business, their business environment and challenges, their management priorities, their people and their processes. Our solutions are always customized to our clients’ specific challenges, and taking cognizance of both international best practices and the most suited practices within similar industry for our clients. We are always set to go the extra mile to have all the needs of yours. Our know-how, competitive rate and trusted and quality service have made us one of the most preferred organizational and management consultants and corporate service providers in the UAE.

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