IT and Software Consultancy

IT and Software Consultancy

IT infrastructure is an expensive investment and companies must not fall into the trap of salesman whose sole job is to sell their products. The professionals at NEX will see to it that your company uses reliable and secure IT system. Security and reliability is very essential in ever changing business scenarios as even a small mistake can lead to huge losses and may even cause loss of client. Companies in Dubai need to have the best Information system in place, which will enable them to stand out amongst the competitors.

We at NEX audits the entire Information system and gives assurance regarding their reliability and we see to it that they are properly managed and whether they add significant values to your business. IT auditing is nothing new but it needs to be regularly updated as technology changes with the blink of an eye. NEX recruits exceptionally well talented team who are aware of the changing technology and they ensure that your business follows only the best system. Our expert panel treats your business as their own and they thus ensure that Information System not only streamlines your operation but also makes them more efficient and profitable. The Information Systems Audit and Risk Management done by NEX takes into consideration the safety of your valuable data and any tampering or leakage of data will be reported to you. We even see to it that there is no service disruption and poor management of systems.

We even supply certified and well experienced team for your IT audit as they will help in supplementing your existing workforce. Our approach towards auditing is of International standards and we see to it that you have best possible IT controls designed for your business which is needed to prevent unauthorized transactions and support financial objectives. We consider the risk management factor of a company with due diligence and it is done to protect confidentiality, integrity and it makes sure that necessary information is available on time.

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